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Grisenko E.P. 1

1. The State Memorial and Natural Preserve Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy Yasnaya Polayana


Abstract: In the modern society there is a growing interest in the countrys history, its national, cultural and domestic traditions, noble culture. The biographies of distinguished aristocrats, that have proved themselves in art and science, become today attractive in terms of their everyday and family life. The research focuses on the nobilitys lifestyle, their daily realities and family relationships. This article is the first attempt to rebuild the biography of Nikolay Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoys nephew, the son of the writers sister Maria Tolstoy. The research bases on welath of literary and documentary material. Addressing the private life helps show Leo Tolstoy within the family and demonstrate his personality.

Keywords: Leo Tolstoy, Tolstoys nephew Nikolay, estate, home education, studing abroad