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Исторические науки
Goncharov A. S. 3, Arnold R. 2, Azlieva Z. A. 1

1. Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute
2. Muskingum University
3. Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute


The article analyzes the changes in the religious picture of the world and the mythopoeia of the Nogai ethnos on its historical and cultural path. The relevance of the research topic lies in the need for a more detailed study of the religious picture of the world of the Nogai tribes of the North-Western Caspian region. Research interest concerns the possibility of searching for patterns in the formation of social, cultural and religious ties within tribal structures. Nogais. In the methodological aspect, the practical significance of the study lies in the fact that its results can be used in conducting lessons on the "History of Stavropol" within the framework of a regional school, as well as in classes in historical and source studies disciplines in a higher educational institution of an academic type. In addition, due to the growing interest of researchers in the section of national history, the culture of the small peoples of the Russian Federation, the content block of this article can be used when conducting educational activities on the territory of the North Caucasian Federal District in the context of preserving the historical memory of the Nogais. The purpose of the study is a comprehensive analysis of changes in the understanding of the idioform Tengri in the national history of the Nogais. The methodological apparatus included philosophical, historical, cultural methods, as well as methods of the science of mythology. The methodological basis of the study is the mystocentric approach of M. Eliade. The result of the study was the determination of the historical, cultural and religious features of the influence of ancient mythology on the characteristic features and features of the picture of the world of the Nogai tribes.

Keywords: concept., religion, myth, picture of the world, idioform, Nogais, Tengri

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