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Исторические науки
Samartseva E.I. 2, Kuznetsova E.I. 1

1. Tula State University
2. Tula State Arms Museum


Based on the materials of Tula State University and Tula State Arms Museum, the topic of women´s participation in the development, production and study of various types of weapons is considered. It is proposed to consider the question of studying history of weapons by women, there are some features of perception of the women research audience of the topic. The article refers to the names of female scientists: E. M. Simonova, O. A. Fomicheva, L. N. Knyazeva, E. N. Petrikova et al. Teaching and scientific activity of the Doctor of Engineering Nina Petrovna Yurmanova is described in details. Information about the annual international scientific conferences «World of weapons: history, heroes, collections» is introduced in the advanced scientific circulation. Authors come to a conclusion that for the last decades gender stereotypes in professional activity have changed. Certain strengthening of a role and influence of women in the spheres which were considered earlier especially men´s became one of manifestations of it. For example, in development and design of military equipment. The professional interest of women in receiving worthy education in «defensive branch», aspiration to full self-realization is observed. However the woman — the donator of life, having even found the professional calling in «the world of weapon», aspires that fruits of her activity have received application not so much on fields of battles, how many in the humanitarian sphere. Such as museum business. For the first time for 145-flight history of Tula State Arms Museum it was headed by the woman — the candidate of sociological sciences Nadezhda Ivanovna Kalugina. The scientific platform of the museum attracts to itself many female scientists working in various branches of knowledge (historians, political scientists, linguists, philosophers, etc.).

Keywords: Tula State University, Tula State Arms Museum, history of weapons, women scientists, scientific conferences

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